About the podcast

Gangrey: The Podcast is dedicated to discussing the best in narrative journalism with the writers who write it. The goal is to understand how this work comes about, including the reporting and the writing process, and to treat this type of journalism for what it is — literature.

Host and producer Matt Tullis is an assistant professor of English and the director of the Digital Journalism program at Fairfield University in Connecticut. Episodes are recorded and produced in Donnarumma Studios on Fairfield U’s campus.

What’s up with the name?

Several years ago Ben Montgomery founded a website called gangrey.com. The site’s motto is “Prolonging the slow death of newspapers. Gangrey was once the go-to site on the Web to find journalism that aims to be literature. You could find some of the best practitioners of literary journalism frequently discussing stories that were posted. Montgomery was gracious enough to allow this podcast to use the Gangrey name.

Montgomery is now a New York Times best-selling author who has written three books, including Grandma Gatewood’s Walk and The Man Who Walked Backward.

More very important information

The idea for this podcast came from Glenn Battishill, an Ashland University journalism graduate. Battishill is currently news reporter for The Delaware Gazette in Delaware, Ohio, and has contributed to Rural Life Today and Salt Magazine.

All graphic design work related to the podcast was done by Tyler Remmel, also an Ashland University graduate. Remmel is now a designer for news and sports at the Washington Post. 

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