Episode 46: Kathryn Miles

Kathryn Miles is the author of three books, including “Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy.” Her essays and articles have appeared in publications including Audubon, Best American EssaysBoston Globe, Ecotone, The New York Times, Outside, Pacific Standard, Popular Mechanicsand Time

 Her forthcoming book, “Quake Land,” examines the changing face of earthquake hazards in America, and will be published by Dutton in July 2017.

Miles currently serves as writer-in-residence at Green Mountain College, where she also teaches in the college’s low-residence graduate programs.  She lives with her family in Portland, Maine.

She recently wrote a piece that appeared in the Boston Globe about the death and ultimate recovery of a woman who got lost hiking the Appalachian Trail. We’ll talk with her about that story, as well as some of her other work.

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