Episode 53: Thomas Lake


Thomas Lake is a senior writer at CNN Digital. He just published a three-story series titled “The Trigger and the Choice,” which examines multiple aspects of police shootings.

Prior to joining CNN, Lake was a senior writer at Sports Illustrated. Some of his most amazing stories include “2 on 5,” which won the Henry Luce Award for most outstanding story for 2008 across all Time Inc. publications; “The Boy They Couldn’t Kill,” which was named one of the 60 best features in the history of Sports Illustrated; and “The Boy Who Died of Football,” which was anthologized in Next Wave: America’s New Generation of Great Literary Journalists. Lake has also been anthologized in Best American Sports Writing four times.

One of his first big projects at CNN was authoring the book, Unprecedented: The Election that Changed Everything. That book was published just one month after the November 2016 presidential election.

Lake participated in the virtual roundtable discussion, “Getting The Story,” which was published in Creative Nonfiction. That discussion, which podcast host Matt Tullis moderated and Lake, Chris Jones, and Ben Montgomery participated in, became the inspiration for Gangrey: The Podcast.

Lake has also been on the podcast once before, in Episode 45: Michael Brick. In that episode, several of Brick’s friends remembered the talked about Brick and his stories, many of which were compiled in the book Everyone Leaves Behind a Name. Brick died in February 2016 of colon cancer.


  1. Barbara mays says:

    I loved the story in Readers Digest by Ben Montgomery. I came here to try and find it to post on Facebook.

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