Baxter Holmes (2014)


On this episode, we are replaying an interview Matt Tullis did with Baxter Holmes of ESPN from back in 2014. At the time, Holmes had just joined ESPN, having previously written for the Boston Globe, where he covered the Boston Celtics.

When Tullis talked with him four years ago, he had been hired to cover the Lakers. Since then, he’s had some incredible success, and has been promoted to a job that has him writing about the entire NBA.

One of the stories that came about in that new beat was a story on how professional basketball players are obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The story – The NBA’s Secret Addiction – went viral, and ultimately ended up winning Holmes a James Beard Foundation media award for feature reporting, a top award in the culinary industry. He received his award at the end of April.

At any rate, on this episode, Baxter talks about his story about the time Bill Russell, KC Jones and other players from the University of San Francisco – which had just won the NCAA national championship – visited inmates at Alcatraz. It was his last story for the Boston Globe before he joined ESPN.

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