Episode 102: Chip Scanlan

Chip Scanlan is an award-winning former journalist who has authored or edited a dozen books. His newest book is “Writers on Writing: Inside the Lives of 55 Distinguished Writers and Editors.” 

Each writer or editor included in the book  was asked the same four questions. The answers to those questions are enlightening to read. 

Included in the book are Susan Orlean, Dan Barry, Jan Winburn, David Finkel, Roy Peter Clark, and so many more. The book also includes ten writers who have been on this podcast; Lane DeGregory, John Branch, Kim Cross, Glenn Stout, Kelley Benham French, John Woodrow Cox, Ben Montgomery, Brendan O’Meara, Bronwen Dickey, and podcast host Matt Tullis.

It’s not just journalists featured in the book though. Scanlan included poets and fiction writers. He’s covered the entire realm of writing. The end result? Narrative journalists aren’t so different from poets after all. Ultimately, we’re all just writers.

Scanlan has written two journalism textbooks. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, and many other places. Two of his essays have been listed as “Notables” in Best American Essays. 

He publishes the newsletter and blog “Chip’s Writing Lessons” and is a regular contributor to Nieman Storyboard. He formerly directed the writing program and the National Writer’s Workshops at The Poynter Institute.

Scanlan wrote a piece for Poynter on how his new book was published. And Jacqui Banaszynski (also included in the book) wrote a piece for Nieman Storyboard about the book’s publication.

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